Academic Background

Completed her Ph.D. from the University Autonom of Barcelona (UAB) at the headquarters of the Mentor International Association for Media Education, pending the administrative process on the Normative Commission to receive her doctoral degree, under the supervision of Professor Jose Manuel Tornero, Head of Communication Department in the University Autonom of Barcelona and referred by Dr. Sami Tayie. Director of the International Organization for Media Education and the Media Expert in the United Nation (Cairo University).

Working on the MPhil of Business Administration DBA Program of Maasricht School of Management MsM Outreach Program, following Media Management sector, for MPhil degree.

Conducted a thesis in Mass Media, in the graduate program at AUC, with a thesis required for the doctoral dissertation (PhD) in Broadcast and Print Media; titled “Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC): Prospects and Future Concerns (A Case Study)”

Received Master Degree (MA) in Mass Communication / TV Journalism in 2001/ 2002, in JRMC department at AUC.

Covered the Comprehensive Exam at AUC, required for the thesis as an initial step towards applying for doctorate in Mass Communication and Journalism.

Received the Royal Society of Arts and Cambridge University certificate; jointly awarded by for “Overseas Teachers of English” (RSA/COTE) for teaching English Language at ESD, AUC in September 1996.

Received the pre-service Training Course for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language for Adults (PCTEFLA) at the ESD/AUC in February 1995.

Received a training program for Testing and Evaluation in Language Teaching at ESD/AUC.

Received BA in 1988 from the American University in Cairo (AUC) majoring in Social Sciences/Sociology.

Received High School diploma (Thanaweya Amma) from Port-Said School, Cairo, Egypt.