Prof. Mervat Abou Oaf
Professor of Practice
April 2017

Twenty-two years of solid experience in teaching, on the honor roll/highest levels of students ‘evaluation.

Academic and Professional Record:
 Professor of Practice (Ph.D.) at the Journalism and Mass Communication Department (JRMC) and Former JRMC Dept. Chair of (2012-2014) of the Global Affairs and Public Policy School (GAPP) at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Abou Oaf teaches graduates students at JRMC Dept. and Department of Public Policy and Administration (PPAD) of the School GAPP; besides she teaches undergraduate students diverse courses in Multimedia Journalism at AUC.

 Abou Oaf has been academically and professionally involved as an educator and an expert in the Mass Communication field, with special emphasis in the areas of Media Law, Regulations and Policies. She is into other theoretical and practical media disciplines including media theories, ethics as well as print and video editing and design.

 Consultant of the Board of Directors to the Chamber of Cinema Industry (CCI) in Egypt” in it’s Legislative Commission, effective Oct. 2016. CCI-member of the Federation of Egyptian Industries-is part of the Ministry of Industry. Abou Oaf reports on affairs pertinent to piracy, barriers to foreign film production in Egypt, fostering Independent filmmaking, government Intervention, bureaucracy and other affairs regulating the industry.

 Foreign Press Association FPA active member -ID: 00104.

 Active member in the National Council for Women (NCW) in the International Foreign Affairs Committee has represented the council locally and internationally in several consortiums, conferences, forums and seminars as a NCW Delegate and a guest speaker.

 Member in “The Women and Memory Forum” (WMF) since April 2010. WMF is an Egyptian non-profit organization that was established by a core group comprising seven women researchers and activists who mostly share the same disciplinary background and preoccupation with feminist studies and women’s empowerment. An independently Management Board manages and supervises WMF affairs away from its founding members.

 Have been added to the database ‘Who is She’, of Egyptian Women Experts based on KVINFO’s Danish database of female experts.

 “United Group – Attorneys-at-law, Legal Advisors”

 Foreign Press Conferences Coordinator and Moderator in the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) since 2006.

 Editor-in-Chief of AdLife Magazine (Frozen)

 Member of the American University Senate’s Executive Committee (EC).

 Chair of the Senate Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

 Member in the AUC Steering Committee of the “Life Mentorship Project” (LMP)

Membership in Professional Syndicates/ Commissions/Federations/Committees:

 Active Member in the Chamber of the Cinema Industry Federation (ID: 15)

 Active Member in the Foreign Press Association FPA-ID: 00104 (Media/Magazine-UK)

 Active Member in the Egyptian Musician Syndicate-ID: 2457

 “United Group – Attorneys-at-law, Legal Advisors” (United Group) follower.

 Board member of JRMC Caravan Newspaper since 2008 till present.

 Member of AUC Alumni Committee, since 2010 till present.

Abou Oaf’s academic and professional areas of expertise includes:
 Media Law
 Media Policy
 Global Media
 Media Ethics
 Constitution and Political Parties
 Print Editing
 Advanced Reporting for the Media
 Writing for Print Media
 Editing Wire News
 Writing for Broadcast (TV & Radio)
 Writing News Releases and Newsletters
 Writing Feature Stories
 Advocacy Writing
 Caption and Headline Writing
 Layout and Design for Print Media
 Communication and Media Law Practices
 Introduction to Mass Communication
 International Communication
 Press Theories
 Global News Agencies
 Media in Middle East & North Africa (MENA)
 Media Systems in World Regencies
 Advanced Reporting
 Investigative Reporting
 News Writing and Reporting II
 Communication Skills
 Negotiation Skills
 Presentation Skills

 Have been a member in the NCW National Council for Women in Egypt Cairo Branch since 2006-till present, participating in different organizations and in different occasions and have been involved in several national and international conferences concerning Women Empowerment in the region.

 Chaired the Media Sector in the National Council for Women (NCW)-Cairo Branch, since 2004; responsible for organizing and conducting workshops and lectures pertinent to media law and ethics; combat violence and harassment against women and children; women empowerment in political, economic, social and cultural fields.

 Have been conducting, designing, administering and presenting workshops for training African Journalist about Media Law and Regulations in Egypt and the Middle East as well as sessions about ‘Feature Writing for Print Media’ at the Journalism and Mass Communication Department JRMC/GAPP at AUC since 2008.

 Have been a constant lecturer and guest speaker as an expert in media field and film industry.

 Have participated in workshops and Lectures for GAPP Executive Education in Public Policy Design and Analysis; Engagement of Stakeholders: Workshops on “Regulatory Impact Analysis”

 Have been a member since 1998, of the “Leadership for Education and Development Program (LEAD),” a USAID and AUC project, interviewing potential students joining AUC, providing exceptional opportunities for outstanding Egyptian public school students with high financial need from all governorates to pursue their academic undergraduate education at AUC.

 Have been actively and effectively carrying administrative load on the JRMC Department, School GAPP, and American University in Cairo. (AUC).

 Have been the ‘Senate Al Large’ representing School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at AUC Senate since 2011 till present.

 Keynote speaker at the creative industry opening ceremony event at Ewart Hall, AUC for “Creative Industries in Egypt” on June 21, 2014: Egypt’s first hub for the creative ecosystem, networking & environmentalism; the first of its kind in the MENA region.

 School for Continuing Education (SCE) Community Lecture Series:
An ‘Open for the Public’ talk/lecturer at Oriental Hall AUC, organized by the School for Continuing Education (SCE) Community Lecture Series initiated this year (Fall 2014). The overall theme focused on self-development through lifelong learning in the field of Media Law & Ethics discussing the topic “The Evolution of Media Law and Ethics Within the Fast-Changing Media Landscape.”

 ‘Open to Public’ Guest Speaker at the Opera House Theatre (Al Midan) in the “Want to Change” Series of meetings entitled “The media, art and industry of change” Oct. 2014.

 Was a member and chaired (2013-14) the Council for Advising, Registration & Enrolment (CARE), an advisory body established to deal with responsibilities pertinent to advising, registration, automation processes, mentoring, and enrolment management, following AUC Provost’s Office. CARE mission is to improve advising processes through establishing an effective advising system for students via reviewing and assessing available advising systems/tools to be more effective as well as encouraging faculty and academic staff training to be involved in mentoring and advising successively.

 In the Academic and Administrative realms initiated, supervised, and/or completed work on the following:
 Journalism and Mass Communication Department at the American University in Cairo’s JRMC Dept. Governance/Bylaws: Modifying, upgrading and adopting the JRMC Departmental Governance/Bylaws.
 Implementing the English Proficiency Test, as a new condition for admission into JRMC three majors; (continuing efforts to maintain rigorous standards for admission).
 Perused procedures required for successfully receiving accreditation from the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU), for the JRMC MA Program, which recognizes JRMC Department in its official title as the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

 JRMC Strategic Plan: Completed the JRMC Dept. Strategic Plan following procedures included faculty member’s perceptions, views & recommendation.

 Renovated Advising Procedure at JRMC Dept.: Initiated and implemented the semi-automated advising system (as pioneer among departments) the new automated advising policy that is now to be fully automated/paperless.

 AUC Senate: Served the AUC Senate for six successive years and was elected to serve in its Executive Committee for two consecutive years.
 Worked on the AUC Updated Faculty Retirement Plan.
 Updates to the Faculty Handbook were passed by the Senate in 2013/14; as a member of its Faculty Affairs Committee, items approved include:
o Criteria and procedures of review, promotion, and tenure for both professional and tenure-track faculty
o Promotion on Exceptional Bases Procedures; JRMC Professors of Practice Promotion Procedure; Faculty Compensation for Administrative Duties;
o Student Evaluation of Instruction;
 Adjunct Faculty Handbook (through collaborations between its FAC together with the Provost’s Office).

 Contributed to the AUC Blended Learning Report completed spring 14, as a member in the President’s Task Force on Blended Learning

 Served as the Associate Chair for the Journalism and Mass Communication Department at the American University in Cairo for the academic year 2010-2011.

 Served as the Director for the Undergraduate Studies at the Journalism and Mass Communication (JRMC) Department at AUC since 2006, have served almost 700 students.

 Headed the Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC); as the Chair of the committee carrying an administrative load, responsible for day-to-day student advising, course planning, curriculum concerns, career development. Student grievances, requests for specific and general information are amongst the duties of the UAC. Deals with students’ complaints about faculty, staff or course content.

 Elected to occupy AUC’s Executive Senate Al Large position for the academic year 2011 till present (2013/14), via a secret ballot involving AUC Senate members.

 Served in the Senate Faculty Affairs Committee starting fall (2011-2014)

 Served in the Senate Grievance Committee during the academic year (2010-12)

 Served in the Senate Curriculum Committee for two successive years since 2008-2010.

 Served as a member at the AUC Senate since 2009 till present.

 Served as a member in the Re-Admission Committee at AUC (2008-2014).

 Member in the Parent Association, (2007-2012) as the undergraduate director representing JRMC Dept.

 Member in the Student Union Board since (2010-2013).

 Joined a Task Force on Blended Learning; Its Mandate is to develop guidelines and best practices for an institutional implementation of a blended learning program at AUC and to assess AUC’s readiness for such a program. I was a member in the Student support (SS) subcommittee.

 Member in the First Year Experience Program (FYE) at AUC; and the GAPP School Representative for FYE events (2011-2013)

 Abou Oaf participated in the External Review Team (ERT) for the renewal of Accreditation of the Mass Communication Programs in the University of Sharjah (UoS), UAE, namely the Bachelor of Arts in Communication with three concentrations: Journalism, Electronic Media, Graphic Design and Multimedia (in Arabic); Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations (in Arabic); Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (in English); Masters of Arts in Communication (in English). The ERT included two other esteemed professors form different university in the ME region besides the Commissioner of the Commission for Academic Accreditation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The mission involved the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHESR). It is worth noting that the UoS is following the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications ACEJMC Standards of Accreditation.”

 Served in The Egyptian Radio and Television Union’s ‘Cairo Arab Media Festival ’as a jury member in the committee responsible for Radio Programs Competition (2010-2014).

 Participated with the International Programs Office IPO in lecturing international students via “ Special Academic Programs” at AUC since (2008-2013) about Media Law and Media Policies in the Middle East” conducted to Grand Valley State University.

 Participated with the JRMC department at AUC in restructuring its major into three; combining ‘journalism print and broadcast’ under “journalism,” IMC, and creating CMA, a new major. I participated in the acknowledging the JMC Department Mission Statement & Learning Outcomes together with shaping the rationale for the “Three Majors” of JMC Department at AUC with its new proposed majors including:
a. Journalism
b. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
c. Communication & Media Arts (CMA)

 Participated in writing the media sector in the project’s synopsis and desired outcome of the “Transformation of the education sector in Egypt Focus on Community-Initiated Education Reform, “ a Proposed Training of Journalists and Media Personnel: Rebuilding Egyptian Media for a Democratic Future. The project highlights “Media Role in Bridging the Gap of Political Unawareness in Egypt.” It aims at enhance involvement of civil society in formal and informal learning and education systems in Egypt, with the theme of “education as a human right”

 Co-chaired in the organizing committee of the Arab and United Stated Association for Communication Educators AUSACE International Conference held this year in Egypt and hosted by AUC.

 Political Participation:
o Have prepared and presented Crash Workshops about Egyptian Constitution organized by the Center for Learning and Teaching dubbed “CLT Forum: on the Constitutional Amendments, for faculty, students, staff and custodians in both English and Arabic Languages.
o Have been involved in presenting workshops organized by GAPP Executive Education sector on “Effective Journalism for the Election Process” on Campus, in Cairo, and other Egyptian Governorates: Assuit and Alexandria, operated in English and Arabic.

o Have conducted a series of workshops and forums on and off AUC campus spreading awareness and discussion regarding current issues of concern:
 The national referendum on the amendments of 11 articles of the Egyptian Constitutional
 Constitution vs. Parliament
 Egypt’s Media Law and Policies
 Political Party Law Formation
 Political Parties in Egypt
 Right for Information
 Freedom of Expression

Have been the Editor-In-Chief for “AdLife”, the first classified magazine in the field of advertisement and marketing, in Egypt (Frozen)

 Served in the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) as the foreign press coordinator, press conferences moderator, and English editor in the festival (2006-2014) successively. The CIFF is the only film festival in the region that has been granted the international license form the FIAPF (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films; English: International Federation of Film Producers Associations)

 Have been a regular guest speaker on air in local and regional channels discussing media issues and concerns in Egypt and the Middle East such as:
– Channel 2
– Channel 3
– Dream TV
– Jordanian Satellite TV
– Zeina TV
– Modern TV in the live program ‘Girls and Women’
– Nile News
– Nile Culture
– BBC Radio
– CNBC Arabia
– Good Morning KSA
– Radio Online

 Participating in a ‘live coverage’ news program every Saturday since October 2010,-2015) as a commentator in presenting and analyzing weekly news and reading daily Egyptian newspapers in the daily 90 minutes program “Breakfast Show on Nile TV from 8:30 a.m. till 10 a.m.

 Participated as a member of the jury / committee evaluating works and productions to settle for the prizes delivered at the Student Awards Ceremony (SAC) Event.

 Designed, conducted and coordinated Training the Trainer (TOT) proposal for the Media Development Program (MDP) of the USAID for the American University in Cairo (AUC).

 Participated in a panel for the 12th Annual Conference of the Arab-U.S. Association for Communication Educators AUSACE 2007 in Dubai, discussing “Media Education and Globalization in the Middle East”.

 Participated with other national and international scholars, for two successive days in The Media Diversity Institute Reporting diversity Curricula Development Workshop for the Media Diversity Institute (MDI), with the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK Embassy in Cairo. Reporting Diversity Curriculum Framework was discussed among other topics in the workshop in the period 12-13 November 2007.

 Conducted and executed workshops for Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills and Presentation Skills workshops for the ‘Institute of Diplomatic Studies’ at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the third year successively, and received an honorary medal for the mission, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2002-2011).

 Administered, presented, and designed, moderated and monitored workshops and presentations about communication and presentation skills as well as class management at AUC, Amideast and other establishments, in the form of lectures, workshops, sessions and/or presentations (2002-2011).

 Participated in the AUC Conference 28-30 2007 with a panel titled: “Teaching By Assessment: JMC Initiative.”

 Participated in a roundtable open discussion about “Film and Ideology; the “Yacoubian Building” with renowned author Dr. Alaa AlAswani, and film director Mr. Marwan Hamed in the AUC Conference 28-30 2007.

 Designed, planned and executed the curriculum for ‘Media Writing Program Amideast initiated in March 2006.

 Designed and taught the curriculum for “Introduction to Writing for the Media” (Core Course), at the “International Academy for Media Science” (IAMS) at “The Media City” in 6th of October city.

 Designed, administered, executed, conducted, corrected and graded the English Language Placement Exams for the “International Academy for Media Science” (IAMS), of the Media Production City Corporation at the 6th October City.

 Have given several Presentation Skills workshops for the Institute of Diplomatic Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other organizations for Amideast.

 Taught preparation to TOEFL Tests I-III (advanced) CBT at the English Studies Division (ESD) at AUC.

 Taught preparation to International TOEFL Computer Based Test (CBT) at AMIDEAST Cairo.

 Worked as ‘Stage Advisor’ for the intermediate levels at the English Studies Division (ESD) at AUC, and teaching general English.

 Taught ‘Advanced English in the Strategic Technical Assistance for Results with Training / Egypt Development Program (START-EDP), ELTT Program, sponsored by USAID at AMIDEAST Cairo.

 Designed sessions and lessen plans and worked (teaching and planning lessons) at the Ministry of Education in the Teacher Training Program via video conferencing in the joint venture between AUC / CACE (Center for Adult and Continuing Education) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 1998 2000).

 Trained teachers via video conferencing in the Ministry of Education through the CACE/AUC since June 1998-2000.

 Designed and revised ‘Final Achievement Exams’ for the intermediate levels at ESD/AUC.

 Planned, supplied and upgraded material and quizzes for the new curriculum applied in the intermediate level courses for ESD/AUC.

 Designed and taught the curriculum for “Boosting English Courses”, levels I and II, at IAMS at the Media City in 6th of October city.

 Planned lessons of methodology, phonology and language proficiency for the ESD/ AUC program in the teacher-training program via video conferencing for the Egyptian Ministry of Education (1998-2000).

 Trained Iraqi journalists feature and soft news writing in workshops teaching advanced reporting and print writing, in a training program at AUC.

 Taught ‘Preparation to TOEFL’ to Faculty of Agricultures doctors and professors at Cairo University, in a training program via Amideast.

 Taught ‘Preparation to TOEFL’ in a teacher training program at ‘Ain Shams’ University, in a training program via AUC (ESD/ Contracts).

 Taught English language for the Advanced level at the EAB Bank.

 Participated in ‘Assessments Course’ at ESD/AUC.

 Have attended all TEFL conferences held at AUC; participated in organizing and monitoring some of them.

 Attended and participated in the Arab/US Association for Communication Educators Conference (AUSACE) held via AUC in the current year 2005.

 Participated in and attended communication conferences held at AUC.

 Applied to present at TESOL 2002/2003 held in USA, with a proposal entitled “Trainees’ versus trainers” perceptions toward video-conferencing.

 Received: the Senate Executive Committee member distinguished service award presented to Prof. Mervat Abou Oaf for exemplary service and dedication to the Mission of the University Senate. May 18 2013. The President’s Catalyst for Change Award presented to Prof. Mervat Abou Oaf for her citizenship and service May, 2013; nominated several times for the AUC Teaching and Service Excellence Awards.

Published Works:
Submitted paper:

Submitted Research paper “Evolution of Media Law and Policy in Egypt,” presented in the “7th International Conference on Information Law and Ethics” in Pretoria, South Africa in February 2016.

Dr. Mohamed El Newawy in Journal of Media and Middle East JMEM
Entertainment & Media Convergence, The Medium of Video Games; Present and Future Prospects

• Book Chapter:
Chapter written by Dr. Rasha Abdullah and Myself: ‘Collective Guilt’ as a Response to Evil; the Case of Arabs and Muslims in the Western Media (2011)

• Papers Presented in Panel Discussions Conferences:
A. Arab-U.S. Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE)
Conference: hosted in Kuwait, Oct. 15-19, 2010. Presented a paper:
– Have participated in two panels in AUSACE conference in Kuwait this year:
i. Presented a paper “The Medium of Video Games: Present and Future Prospects” on a panel addressing Video, Online and Social Media Application and Analysis.
ii. Moderated a panel on Technological Revolution of Media Teaching

B. Arab-U.S. Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE)
Conference: hosted in Cairo November 7-10 by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JRMC) at The American University in Cairo (AUC):
 Image of Arab Women in Arab Media
 Role of the National Council for Women (NCW) In Redirecting & Enhancing Female
 Images & Standards via Egyptian Media
 Vision for the Future of Arab Media in the Digital Age:
 Journalism Education in the Information Age

C. 8th Global Mobility Roundtable (GMR2009) – 15 August 200 NEW Panel Discussion; “Entertainment & Media Convergence: The Medium of Video Games Present and Future Prospects”

D. Attended “Media and Corporate Social Responsibility From Silence to Spearheading” May 20109, Held at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel.

E. Under Review: Dr. Mohamed El Newawy in Journal of Media and Middle East JMEM “Entertainment & Media Convergence: The Medium of Video Games – Present and Future Prospects”

• Co-writing a research paper “Collective Guilt as a Response to Evil: The Case of Arabs and Muslims In the Western Media” discussing how influences of politics, media, and power come into play to formulate biases and stereotypes.

• The following researches are completed and are in progress to be published:
1. “Psychological Contracts, Organizational and Job Commitment”
2. “The Use of Culturally Relevant Stimuli in International Advertising”
3. “Corporate Governance Role in the Media”

• Currently writing a book review on “Lyle M. Spencer, Jr., and Signe M. Spencer, “Competence at Work” Models for Superior Performance.

• Currently am in the process of writing a chapter in a book tackling Media Ethics in the Middle East.

• Currently working on publishing a book about Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) in English and Arabic languages.

• Published article in Rozal Youssef Magazine “We Still Need More” regarding the recent development of the Egyptian TV content and planning.

• Published a Book Review about “Forbidden Others” by Adrianne Allison.

• Published articles in ‘Adlife’ magazine tackling media issues.

-Online Ethics
-Online Regulation
-Online Advertising
-Audience Research Analysis in Media Planning
-Media Buying
-Outdoor Ads
-Trends of Online Ads
-Karmic Life Lessons
-Media Binding
-TV Commercials
-Media Ethics
-Tips for Interviews
-Internet: The Fastest Growing Industry
-Adrianne Allison’s Prohibited ‘The Forbidden Other’
-Ground Rules: Ethics of Online Journalism
-Top Tips for Online Ads’ Design
-Homeopathy: New Trend in Egypt Ultimately Genuine or Entirely Fake
-Pop-ups: Uninvited Company… without warning!
-Razal Youssef Magazine:
-Article in Arabic “…and Then”
-About objections regarding changes and modification in Egyptian ERTU (Maspeero Building) channels and networks.

•Publishing a summarized copy of my thesis case study in the Arabic version of ‘Global Media Journal’ due in October 2005.

•Published a book review on “Media, Sex, Violence, and Drugs in the Global Village,” edited by: Yahya R. Kamalipour and Kuldip R. Rampal in the previous issue of ‘Global Media Journal,’ 2005.

Academic Background:
•Completed her Ph.D. from the University Autonom of Barcelona (UAB) at the headquarters of the Mentor International Association for Media Education, pending the administrative process on the Normative Commission to receive her doctoral degree, under the supervision of Professor Jose Manuel Tornero, Head of Communication Department in the University Autonom of Barcelona and referred by Dr. Sami Tayie. Director of the International Organization for Media Education and the Media Expert in the United Nation (Cairo University).

•Working on the MPhil of Business Administration DBA Program of Maasricht School of Management MsM Outreach Program, following Media Management sector, for MPhil degree.

•Conducted a thesis in Mass Media, in the graduate program at AUC, with a thesis required for the doctoral dissertation (PhD) in Broadcast and Print Media; titled “Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC): Prospects and Future Concerns (A Case Study)”

•Received Master Degree (MA) in Mass Communication / TV Journalism in 2001/ 2002, in JRMC department at AUC.

•Covered the Comprehensive Exam at AUC, required for the thesis as an initial step towards applying for doctorate in Mass Communication and Journalism.

•Received the Royal Society of Arts and Cambridge University certificate; jointly awarded by for “Overseas Teachers of English” (RSA/COTE) for teaching English Language at ESD, AUC in September 1996.

•Received the pre-service Training Course for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language for Adults (PCTEFLA) at the ESD/AUC in February 1995.

•Received a training program for Testing and Evaluation in Language Teaching at ESD/AUC.

•Received BA in 1988 from the American University in Cairo (AUC) majoring in Social Sciences/Sociology.

•Received High School diploma (Thanaweya Amma) from Port-Said School, Cairo, Egypt.

Teaching Skills:
 Outstanding teaching skills
 Received an ‘A’ in assessing my teaching skills, at JMC/AUC
 Excellent ability for class management and students’ control

Excel at:
 Communication Skills
 Negotiation Skills
 Presentation Skills

Training Skills:
 Excellent training skills, experience, participation, planning and execution
 Participated in numerous training programs for AUC and Amideast and the Ministry of Education in Egypt, for teachers’ training, trainers’ training (TOT and facilitators’ training.

Language Skills:
 Fluent spoken and written English
 Fluent spoken and written Arabic
 Fair knowledge of French

Presentation Skills:
Have created, presented, moderated & monitored workshops &presentations at AUC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AMIDEAST, and other establishments.

Communication Skills:
Outstanding capabilities regarding communicating and transferring information; excellent capabilities in mediating interactions, conveying and passing on data, ideas, thoughts, opinions, by speech, writing, signs or gestures.
Computer Skills:
 Present my lectures workshops, sessions and presentations on Power Point
 Excellent knowledge of Windows and Word.
 Good knowledge of Excel

Additional Information:
• Have been nominated for the AUC Excellence in Teaching and Service Awards, several times, reflecting the quality of teaching pedagogy and abilities, as well as the quality of service provided on the departmental, School AUC and the Egyptian Community at large, which is indicative of her resourcefulness and dedication to her line of work.
• Have been on the teaching highest level of evaluation and honor at AUC since 1995.
• Have been in constant contact with AUC as an undergraduate, graduate student then as a professor first in the ESD/AUC then at the Journalism Mass Communication Department a AUC since the 1980s…practically my whole adult life.

• Have been volunteering as a faculty mentor to the ‘study abroad students’, for the “International Student Services Office” of the International Student Affairs for Student Services & Programs at AUC.
• Extensive travel.
• Been to all Arab countries, regularly, excluding Algeria; as well as Switzerland, France, Greece and Turkey in tours mostly as a member of the 4M Family Singing Group.

Personal Data:
•Surname: Abou Oaf
•First name: Mervat
•Vocation Position: Professor of Practice JRMC/AUC; Former JRMC Chair
•Date and Place of Birth: 14/4/196- – Cairo- Egypt
•Martial Status: Married; one child
•Nationality: Egyptian
•Home Address: 15a Haroun Street. 6th Floor, Apt. 23, Zip Code, 12311
Dokki, Giza, Egypt
•Identification Number: 32698 (Kasr El Nil / Cairo)
•Telephone: Off: 02-26153433
•Office: PO 41 /
•Cell Phone Number:

References furnished upon request

Name: Mervat Abou Oaf
Position/Title: Professor of Practice (Former Chair)

Website link:

Link to Bio/Profile Page:

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication (JRMC)
Office: PO41; Campus: New Cairo Campus
Phone: 20.2.2615.3433; Cell phone: 01229933330
Location: Jameel Building