Moderating “Cinema Memory / ذاكرة السينما” Screening Session

Moderator Cinema Memory

Moderator Cinema Memory

Prof. Mervat Abou Oaf Moderating “Cinema Memory / ذاكرة السينما” Screening Session:

Prof. Abou Oaf moderated the premiere screening of the documentary “Cinema Memory” directed by filmmaker Sherif Fathy Salem in The History of Egyptian Cinema Seminar, jointly organized by AUC Libraries and Learning Technologies and the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication on Feb. 1, from 1-3.

Abou Oaf conducted the discussion with guest speakers: Salem, renowned veteran and the oldest Egyptian movies set photographer Mohamed Bakr, as well as the High Cinema Institute photography professor Dr. Hussein Bakr.

The documentary illustrated the role of the ‘movies set still photographer’ a profession that almost disappeared when digital cinema came out.
The screening was very well attended and impressively received by all audience. Students’ enthusiasm and engagement in the discussion echoed the central message of the documentary reflecting the importance of film history in Egypt, one of the world pioneers in film industry, signifying that Egyptian film cinematography treasures are worth being preserved and proficiently archived.