National Council For Women

Women empowerment, progress, emancipation, safety and welfare are major areas of concern that Abou Oaf has been actively and consistently involved in. She has been serving in the National Council for Women (NCW) in Egypt since 2006. She is currently an active member in the NCW “International/Foreign Affairs Committee” and has represented the council locally in Africa, and internationally in several consortiums, conferences, forums and seminars as a delegate, participant and/or a guest speaker. Earlier, she chaired the Media Department in Cairo Branch, till 2016, and participated in representing women in Egypt through the NCW and other entities in different organizations and in different occasions and was involved in several national and international conferences concerning Women Empowerment in the region.
Abou Oaf is a member in “The Women and Memory Forum” (WMF) since April 2010. WMF is an Egyptian non-profit organization established by women researchers and activists preoccupied with feminist studies and women’s empowerment; an independent Management Board manages the WMF affairs. Abou Oaf is also on the database ‘Who is She’, of Egyptian Women Experts based on KVINFO’s Danish database of female experts.

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