Participates in the Supreme Council for Media Regulation Summit

Dr. Mervat Abou Oaf, Participates in the Supreme Council for Media Regulation Summit:

In her capacity as the advisor to the Chamber of Cinema Industry (CCI) Board of Directors, Dr. Mervat Abou Oaf, Professor of Practice of Journalism and Mass Communication participated in the summit meeting, in which the “Drama Committee” of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCM) headed by director Mohamed Fadel and attended by Mr. Farouk Sabri, CCI Head, met with syndicates’ heads, distinguished producers, leading personnel and expert figures of TV drama and films, at the Supreme Media Headquarters in Maspero Building. Members of the meeting unanimously agreed about the guiding role that the Egyptian drama has occupied and the importance of such stance to continue in the Egyptian society and the entire Arab world. Therefore, interest in the content and language presented through drama productions was the focus of the discussion. Also decided was to draft a working paper on the priorities of leading themes needed to be endorsed together with other elements influencing the production mechanisms that are currently confusing and are in dire need of rationalization, and adjustments to be conducted by members at the SCM and the CCI, together with other related trade unions and bodies involved in production. Coordination with the concerned authorities in the state was decided to resolve the exaggerated fees required for shooting in places such as (airport, archeological sites, museums, etc.) and the amplification in salaries and payments of leading artists and supporting technicians that seriously threaten the drama industry.

Recommendations made jointly by the SCM Drama Committee, the Chamber of the Film Industry, the technical unions and experts in the field should be binding through the laws governing the participating parties.

Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR) Jan. 31, 2018.

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